Julie's Review of The Triple Trim Formula

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Diet Pills!

I'm what most people would call a “big girl”.  At the beginning of 2014 I weighed myself and was 180 pounds or 82kg - that's well over the recommended amount for my height.  I haven't always been this size - as a teenager I was only 140 pounds and remember how much fitter and healthier I felt back then.

I struggled desparately for years to get back down to this weight but nothing seemd to work.  I've tired diet pills, exercise equipment, acai berries, green tea, the lot!  They just didn't work and I still felt fat and overweight.

Then in March I came across an article where a model had shed a lot of weight for a photo shoot.  Ok, so I'm not a model but if it worked for her why not me?
I searched it out on google and watched a video that expalined how it worked.  I was shocked I hadn't heard about tihs before, it seemd too simple to be true.

So the next day I started the program.  I expected it to be difficult and to have to nearly starve myself. I was wrong - in fact I ate more or less the same as I had been, but at specific times and including some fat burning foods that where listed in the plan.  Vry simple to follow.

The first day I lost 2 pounds! The second day it was 3 punds, and at the end of the first 7 days a total of 10 ponds lost!  I continued for the full 21 days and reduced my weight by a total of 30 pounds.  Almost down to my dream weight - just another 10 pounds to lose. I felt fitter and healthier and had lost belly fat and got a firmer butt.  This is life changing, it really is.

I'm continuing the plan and still losing weight and I can see myself achieving my target of 140 pounds very soon. The best thnigs is I'm not having to starve myself, work hard in the gym, or eat bland and boring food.  I don't know of a better system so if you are looking to lose weight fast check it out.  It worked for me, so it can work for you.

(This review is reproduced from testimonials on the official website with permission)

The Triple Trim Formula

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